Dinner menu

17.30. – 22.00.


2 course menu: Strater and main or main and dessert. 340,-
2 courses with 2 glasses of wine. 500,-
3 course menu: Starter, main and dessert. 415,-
3 courses with 3 glasses of wine. 655,-
4 course menu: Starter, starter, main and dessert. (with chesse + 100,-) 485,-
4 courses with 4 glasses of wine. 780,-


Starters (120,-)

Red beet carpaccio with goat cheese and blueberries


Marinated salmon with fennel and cream cheese


Terrine of pork with green cabbage, red onions and cranberries




Main dished (250,-)


Vegetarian – greens – roasted – steamed - baked. (Not vegan)


Veal loin filet with carrots, blue potatoes and parsley roots


Roast wild duck with celery puree, fried potatoes and red cabbage

Baked cod with lentils, artichokes and Brussels sprout


Desserts (110,-) (cheese 125,-)


Cheese platter with garnish


Coffee dessert with chocolate and whiskey


This year's Christmas dessert with rice and cherries



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