About us


A biom = an organic community, a place where life is experienced as a combination of interdependent relationships between plants and animals. Time has come to get the organic products away from the dusty shelves in the health food shops and cafés and wipe out the perception of ecology being vegetarian and long-haired. With a twinkle, the people behind Restaurant BioM, Brian Johansen and Søren Hansen, call it “short-haired ecology”. The ambition is to bring the organic products all the way into the modern restaurant scene.


At Restaurant BioM guests are served food of great taste and quality. This means, a varied menu with modern Danish food, also showing a strong connection between ecology and gastronomy. The kitchen works exclusively with organic food products, which makes the menu more seasonally adjusted than what you will find in other more traditional restaurants. However, the selection of organic products such as meat, vegetables, cheese, beer, wine, soda etc. has increased incredibly. Most producers have an opinion on food and quality. They take pride in what they do and have made a choice. This exactly is also BioM´s angle of approach.

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